Complete Your Look: The Art of Styling Jewelry, Hair, and Makeup

Don’t you just love those days when you feel like your hair, makeup, and jewelry are on point? Or when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you just think, “Yes!”

Nothing showcases femininity more than hair, makeup, and jewelry. And while styling all three together to create the perfect look might be time-consuming, there’s nothing better than when you get it “right.”

When styling my hair and makeup, I’m always thinking about my jewelry, and the fact that I accessorize for a living. How would this hairstyle work with my statement earrings? Which nail color won’t clash with my latest stretchy bracelet?

You don’t just throw your look together and hope that it works—getting ready every day is an artform! Here are a few tips from my daily routine to help you with yours:

Keep your nail polish neutral.

I always wear neutral polish so I don’t have to worry about the color clashing with my beads. It’s just a great way to have a beautiful backdrop or blank canvas for your bracelets and rings.

Think taupe, think peach, think sheer pink—these colors not only go well with all styles and colors of jewelry, they also create an elongating illusion to your fingers!

I will never forget, growing up, my mom had a book talking about how to look young and skinny—one of the tips was to always have a neutral nail color to elongate your fingers and toes.  And I haven’t looked back since! (Strange the things we remember from childhood, isn’t it?)

There’s nothing wrong with a tried-and-true look.

Just like I always wear neutral nail colors, I rarely change up my makeup routine. And while I wear a good amount, I don’t go crazy with my color palette.

I always start with my Tula Eye Cream with caffeine. It wakes up my eyes so I’m ready to make jewelry and help customers all day long.

The next step is my go-to foundation, Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra Foundation. It is made with top quality pigments and stays on all day. This stuff is full-coverage and doesn’t budge! And if I stayed up too late working on a project, M.A.C. Studio Pro Concealer helps hide that tired look!

Before I apply anything else, I give a quick brush across my face with M.A.C. Studio Fix Powder. It just helps everything I’ve applied to set and be ready for color on top! My NARS blush—it has a color (Adoration) and a highlighter—and Sephora contouring palette complete my face, and it’s time to move on to my eyes.

Revitalash brow gel shapes and defines my brows while conditioning them all day long! Then I apply Lancome eye shadow in “Positive” for the base and “Brun Cashmere” for the crease. I don’t get into too many fancy eyeshadow tricks unless it’s a really special occasion.

A girl can never have too many tubes of mascara, and I like to combine a layer of Buxom mascara from Sephora and Telescopic mascara by L’oreal. Dior’s eye pen in Catwalk Black is my all-time favorite liquid liner, and I use it daily with just a light line on my top lid.

But if there’s one item in my makeup bag that I can’t live without, it’s my Maybelline Superstay 14 Hour Lipstick in Ultimate Blush. No fancy lipstick I’ve tried can hold a candle to this little drugstore find. I keep a healthy stash of them on hand, and if it’s ever discontinued, I will be heartbroken.

You’ll catch me wearing the same makeup everyday, unless I decide to opt for a lighter or darker shade of what I already have. And if I’m really feeling adventurous, I might choose a bold lip color for a special event—I like to live life on the wild side, can you tell? 😉

Statement makeup or statement jewelry?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to mix up your makeup regimen from time to time. Monday at the office probably looks very different from Saturday night on the town.

The important “rule of thumb” to remember is to let your makeup and jewelry “share” the spotlight. For instance, if you have a statement necklace that deserves a lot of attention, don’t go overboard with your makeup that day. Let the focal point be your beautiful piece.

Likewise, if you’re feeling bold with your eye shadow or lip color, maybe choose a delicate chain or subtle necklace as opposed to a statement piece. After all, don’t you want the attention to be on your fun makeup for the evening?

The only time I’d say to break from this “rule” is at weddings or other formal occasions. Those events are great opportunities to play up both hair and makeup and feel comfortable with it!

Hairstyles often play a role in what style of jewelry is popular.

It’s amazing how the popular hairstyle changes what’s popular in the jewelry world. Believe it or not, the long-hair craze has increased the amount of suede being used in necklaces.

Suede is a great way to wear long necklaces without having chain or clasps pulling at your hair. It’s also great for adding strength to heavier necklaces, so you can create necklaces with larger beads and pendants without worrying it will snap.

How you style your hair will affect your jewelry choice too. Wearing your hair up? Put on a pair of statement earrings.

Wearing it down? Longer necklaces will draw the eye to your lengthy locks. And if you have short hair, consider shorter statement necklace with interesting accents all the way around.

But don’t just take my word for it: My stylists have some wisdom to share, too!

First, I reached out to my makeup artist, Jessica Kendall, the founder of Beauty Asylum, to hear what she had to say about combining makeup and jewelry for the perfect look! And for even more inspiration, be sure to follow her on Instagram (@beautyasylum)!

If a client brings in the jewelry they are wearing for an event, do you take that into consideration when styling their makeup? If yes, how so?

I always like to take in consideration a client’s jewelry when styling their makeup. It’s even better if they have their jewelry to show us. Always ask yourself, “Is my jewelry the statement piece?” If so, we want to make sure the makeup colors coordinate with the piece and do not clash.

Consider having a focal point and centering everything else around it.

How do you like to style makeup when a client is wearing statement jewelry? Or when they are looking for statement makeup?

If you are going for a simple look with your accessories, it would be a great option to play up the lip with a pop of color or a dramatic eye. If you have a statement piece, keep the makeup simple by focusing on a great brow, clean eyeliner, and soft lip.

What are your personal tips on how to best wear makeup and jewelry?

Makeup is like wardrobing; it’s something we all can have fun with. It also depends on the comfort level on how far you are willing to go.

If you are a glam girl playing up the eye is a great option with chandelier earrings.

Then, my hair stylist, Danielle Elizabeth, gave some great tips on how to pair your hair with your jewelry. And for even more styling tips, check out her Instagram (@balayagebydanielle)!

What is the most popular way to wear your hair these days?

Long hair has been seeing a trend of loose waves, soft and undone, and textured updos (think tousled faux-mohawk).

What styles of jewelry would you recommend with these looks?

Bold jewelry is paired well with updos and pulled back hair. Neutrals and soft beads, like moonstone, are better suited for loose waves.

Do you ever style hair around a statement necklace or statement earrings for your clients?

Absolutely, especially if the shoulders are bare, you want the accessories to be the focal point. Polished hairstyles with medium sheen hairspray photograph very well for events. Hair is styled up or to the side for chandelier earrings.

Do you find that certain hair colors look better with either gold or silver?

Yes, the clothes and jewelry a person is wearing can be a helpful clue to skin tones when they come into the salon. Based upon how the colors compliment the guest, there are three categories of hair tone—neutral, warm, and cool. Nude hair color is an upcoming trend (matching the color to skin tone, like a nude lipstick).

What about other colors of beads?

If you see warm red or pink skin tones, medium shades of blue, green, and purple can help compliment the guest by offsetting the existing tone.

What are your personal tips on how to best wear hair and jewelry?

It all comes down to how something makes you feel. Learning a person’s preferences can help give them a balanced look, but also confidence and comfort.

Ready to complete your look?

If you’re looking for those pieces to go perfectly with your hair and makeup, stop by my store, Beads Incorporated, for all of your jewelry-making needs!

Then, watch my tutorials to discover how you can be making new styles every day!

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