Season’s Greetings: Celebrating Christmas at Christine’s

What’s your favorite part about the holidays? Gathering with friends and family? Finding the perfect gift for the special someone? Or perhaps it’s taking part in traditions that have been passed down for generations and remind us of favorite memories.

One of my favorite parts about Christmas are the decorations. As you can imagine, I love to create a work of art and consider my home the canvas for my yuletide expression.

I’m on a holiday homes tour this year in my neighborhood, which means that my home is one of three that will be open to our Women’s Association and guests for a one-evening party and open-house. The Women’s Association is great and does all of the set-up and break down as far as food and drink and staffing the party. So my main focus is getting the house in shape and making sure my home is “holiday ready” ahead of time.

This will be our second Christmas in this home, so last year I bought mostly new Christmas decorations for everything from the exterior and front yard to the foyer banister, dining room, and more. And to get in the Christmas spirit on my blog, I thought I would share those decorations (and the thoughts behind them) with you!

The doorway sets the tone for what’s waiting inside.

The front entrance of your house truly sets the tone for your home. It’s the first glimpse people have of your house before the enter it. Because I have so much greenery in my front yard (potted plants, ferns, bushes), I wanted to keep with that theme for my front door.

I framed my front door with a very natural looking faux garland. It drapes nicely, and I have a wreath to match that incorporates some common ribbons inside. The front yard will also be illuminated with three reindeer and netted lights on the hedges and trees.

As you enter the house, you’ll notice I keep the greenery theme.

As you walk into my house, you’ll notice the staircase with more garland adorning the railing. Our foyer is quite large, so that’s one of my favorite parts to decorate.

The garland is very organic looking with sprigs of lavender, fern, berries, and lots of textured gold linen and cornflower blue ribbon. I wanted it to say “English Country Holiday.” (Side note: My mom decorated houses for Christmas when we were growing up, and I remember her taking railings and banisters very seriously. I know my way around some wired ribbon, some decorative picks, silk florals, and more!)

I also have some crystal Christmas trees on my front table, which are festive without being kitschy. It’s these little touches that make a difference during the holidays.

It’s all about the tree for my husband and me!

Finally, the TREE! My husband grew up with real trees. I grew up with fake trees. But have I mentioned that we own a produce company and also operate a tree lot and Christmas Market? SO, every year my husband brings home the pick of the litter for our house. I’ve come to love it. The smell, the fullness of the real tree. Yes, it can make a mess, but it’s a big part of Christmas for us.  

This will come as no surprise to you, but when it comes to decorating a tree, more is MORE! I don’t do themes, or color schemes. What I do do is lots of lights (clear) and tons of ornaments. Family ornaments, ornaments I’ve collected over my life, gifts from family, gifts from friends, ornaments my husband made when he was 5, ornaments I made when I was 5, and a handful of “filler”—plain metallic balls, plastic icicles, candy canes, sprays of metallic twigs, etc.

I add small ornaments to the top, bigger, heavier ornaments to the bottom, and make sure to set things deep in the dree for lots of dimension. Then comes the topper, a linen tree-skirt, and thoughtfully wrapped gifts with big bows made of wide ribbon.

Accompanying our tree are our stockings. They are one of my favorite holiday finds—one-of-a-kind stockings I bought at the Free People store in Soho one year over Thanksgiving. They are so whimsical and cheerful. David always asks which one is his… I’m really not sure.  

Don’t forget a beautiful tablescape!

The holidays are all about gatherings of friends and family, and most of the gatherings take place around a table. I try to do a nice tablescape on my dining room table for the holidays. I like to keep my table set—it’s the best way to enjoy my China and Silver by simply walking by it, even if we aren’t using it!

Keeping with my greenery theme, I have chargers made of leaves, accompanied by green candles in silver holders and silver goblets. My home will certainly not be the fanciest on the tour, but I’m hoping to add a unique flair to it with my own personal style.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

As you celebrate this special time with loved ones, I hope you’ll stop by my store, Beads Incorporated, to say hi and maybe create something special as well as special memories by making your very own handcrafted jewelry.

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