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CWS For the Arts

At Christine White Style, we believe the Arts are crucial in our schools! That's why we've created this collection featuring the school colors of Christine's Alma Mater, Charlotte Catholic High School to support the efforts of their Fine Arts Department.

From Christine:

"Although high school was many years ago for me, it certainly shaped and molded me into the woman I am today. In fact, my alma mater is only a few miles down the road from my store. Since starting my business 18 years ago when I was just a junior at CCHS, I opted for the path less chosen—that of a creative entrepreneur. 

Art was my favorite class at CCHS. I enjoyed honing my painting and drawing skills, attending musicals, band concerts, and had many friends who were involved in visual and performing arts. The Arts mean the world to me. And as Charlotte Catholic raises funds for their new Fine Arts building, I knew I needed to “play my part.” 

This collection features a few pieces I designed in order to support CCHS. $20 of the $25 goes straight to CCHS—the other $5 is simply to cover handling and some overhead. Please join me in continuing support for the Fine Arts in our schools. They made me who I am today and could easily produce the next Claude Monet, George Gershwin, or Patti LuPone."

For more information about the new Fine Arts Building at CCHS, please click here. You can also watch a video showing the planned building by clicking here.


**Due to the philanthropical nature of this collection, promotional codes cannot be applied to these items**

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