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Christine White Style

Sea Salt Necklace Kit


The colors of cerulean waters play upon the richness and textures of sand and sea. Matte Amazonite stones, faceted crystal and an unexpected pave' accent will take you somewhere magical- this is a great project if you are looking to become well versed in chain linking and wire wrapping. Step-by step directions included.

What's Included:

-1 15" Strand 10mm Matte Amazonite Stones 

-1 10" Strand 8mm faceted diamond smoke crystal beads

-1 15 yard spool 20 gauge gold Non-tarnish wire

-1 Cubic Zirconia pave' bead

- 8 x 5" full color Step-by-step instructional skill card


What you'll need:

-Round-nosed pliers

-Wire cutters

-Bead mat or bead tray (optional)